Fidalgo Island        

                         Church of Christ

                                Anacortes, WA

                              bible study programs


                                              Scheduled classes in the church building:

                              (no registration required, just show up and join in. You will be warmly welcomed!)


Sunday Morning, 10:00 AM

2nd Samuel – a scriptural and historical study of the three Kings, Saul, David, and Solomon. This is a continuation of  the book of 1st Samuel. 45min.


Sunday Evening, 6:00 PM

Following the Footsteps of Jesus. A ‘hybrid” study based on DVD lessons followed by open class discussion. 1 Hr.


Wednesday Evening, 7:00 PM

Historical Christian Evidences covering both, biblical and non-biblical evidences of the accuracy and integrity of the Bible then and now.


Thursday  Morning, 10:00AM

Ladies class studying Christian Friendship. Workbook and guided discussion. 1 Hr usually followed by a luncheon in nearby restaurants.

                                             Ladies Bible Class